Proactively inspecting and maintaining the integrity of cell site structures is one of the most important strategies a carrier can pursue to provide a competitive advantage and build customer loyalty. Overstressed structures that cannot support new technology overlays lead to deployment delays and leave customers looking for other options. Knowing what needs to be done ahead of time and proactively fixing problems helps mitigate these issues.

There is an additional benefit to continuously evaluating towers and other structures – monetization. Over time, climate factors will cause antennas and dishes to shift into positions that degrade performance. Velex proactively assesses the condition of equipment to identify and optimize microwave paths and antenna positions, ensuring that all equipment is operating at peak levels.

Velex provides a sophisticated set of analytics including:

Full facility documentation
Before any new equipment installation can take place, operators need to understand if the structure can support it.  Velex provides tower mapping services that fully document every piece and type of equipment attached.  This work also provides the basic information engineers need to optimize antenna arrays and microwave paths.
Site surveys
Velex performs EIA/TIA structural engineering and climate pressure studies to determine if operators can move forward with new equipment installations.   If the structure is projected to fail, Velex can include specific structural enhancement recommendations as well as cost estimates for business case analysis.
Circuit tracing
Velex circuit tracing services enables operators to quickly determine the root of service issues.  It also reveals novel ways to reposition equipment to reduce load and make room for next-gen technologies.
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