Velex: Committed to Quality

At Velex, we know that “close enough” doesn’t cut it in the mobile business. Sloppy, unsafe tower work can damage existing fiber installations. Dishes improperly tightened will quickly fall out of alignment. Overcrowded antenna installations will generate too much interference to function properly. Enhancements placed without sufficient structural support can be disastrous.

World-Class Quality Training

No carrier wants to deal with these issues – that’s why they choose Velex. Every line-connection, steel beam, antenna position, power source and hardware upgrade is thoroughly tested before any solution is released into production. How do we ensure such high standards? It starts with world-class training.

Led by an experienced internal team of quality and instructors and auditors, the Velex Quality Training Program ensures that each employee and crew members is equipped to handle any type of project.

Quality Process

At Velex, assessing project quality and safety is a continuous part of every job we do. Each project team includes a supervisor responsible for oversight on a daily basis – not just on “Acceptance Day”. Our technicians are trained to do the job correctly from the start and to test every phase as they go.

We know that each and every Velex employee is giving 100% because that’s how they are incentivized. Our bonus program rewards individuals on wide range of quality, timeliness and customer satisfaction metrics. Operators can rely on the Velex team to safely perform highly specialized and technical work – even in the most hazardous locations.

Basic Quality Training

• Capstan
• Exothermic/Cad Welding
• Connector installation
• Ground kit installation
• Proper weather proofing
• Azimuth, Tilt, Skew, RET setting

Advanced Quality Training

• Sweep Testing
• PIM Testing
• Fiber Testing
• Microwave / Path Aligning
• Medium Intensity Lighting Troubleshooting
• Ground Ring Testing
• Concrete Testing
• Compaction Testing
• Radio Cabinet Installation and Troubleshooting
• Crane Operation
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