Safety at the Forefront

Safety is always at the forefront of Velex and its employees. In everything we do, from the office to the field, safety is the top concern.

Think Safety, Work Safely

Velex strives toward an injury-free environment, ensuring that our employees can continue to properly provide the best services and expertise demands of an ever-growing and constantly evolving network.

Velex is overseen by a team of safety professionals who combined have more than one hundred years of experience teaching, managing, and auditing a series of preventative safety measures.  The Safety Team educates, trains, and manages a training program for Velex employees, with multiple areas of safety:

  • Radio Frequency Hazards
  • Construction OSHA 10 and OSHA 30
  • Excavation and Trench Safety
  • Defensive Driving and DOT Safety
  • Basic First-Aid and CPR
  • Workplace Hazards
  • Gravitec Climbing/Rescue

Safety Best Practice

The Velex safety department performs a number of important functions to ensure that Velex employees and partners enact the best practices for state-of-the-art safety everywhere Velex performs.

  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is conducted before any activity at the site starts for the day
  • Daily inspection and documentation of all relevant safety equipment
  • Regularly conducted  safety audits of its field crews and JSA-compliance
  • Weekly dispatches on current safety topics


Our industry-leading safety metrics are just one of the many reasons why leading carriers choose Velex.

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