Training & Experience: The Velex Commitment

Every cell site project is unique. Each has its own environmental, technical and structural considerations. However, when you choose Velex, you know you’re getting a team with the direct experience, skills and certifications needed for your specific project. We believe that investing in the right people – and then fully supervising both initial and ongoing training – is the best way to provide optimal results for our customers. Our Quality Training programs consist of two tiers: basic and advanced.

Pre-job vs. On-the-job training

Velex does not use customer cell sites as training facilities. Instead, all new hires — industry veterans or new graduates – go through extensive training sessions in one of the company’s dedicated training facilities. Velex training centers are outfitted with a wide range of tower and structural equipment, as well as a full set of communications systems – both legacy and cutting-edge, so our technicians are fully prepared for the challenges they will encounter in real-world situations.

The Right Person for the Job

At Velex, we know that a past title is not a true indication of an employee’s qualifications.  Every new hire is fully evaluated to obtain a true measure of their telecommunications knowledge, field skills, technical expertise, management ability and more.  Once hired, they are placed in the job that best aligns with their skills and level of experience.  This approach enhances the customer experience and overall employee satisfaction.

Velex: Deeply Experienced & Highly Trained

  • Towers (self-supported, lattice, guided)
  • Monopoles
  • Flagpoles
  • In-building Deployments
  • Temporary Installations
  • Water Towers & other Specialty Structures
  • DAS
  • Small Cell
  • LTE
  • Fiber
  • Microwave
  • 3G
  • T1
  • Ethernet
  • Gravitech Non-destructive Testing
  • Line Sweeping
  • PIM
  • Connector
  • Fiber
  • T-BERD
  • Anritsu
  • JMA
  • PCC
  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30
  • Fiber Training
  • Gravitech Certification
  • Riggers Training
  • DOT Driver’s Training (Smith Systems)
  • Global Harmanization/Safety Data Sheets
  • CPR/First Aid
  • RF Awareness
  • PIM Training
  • Anritsu
  • Line Sweep Training
  • Hand Signal Certification
  • JMA Telecom Solutions & PPC Connector Training
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