World-class technical services start with world-class training. Velex crew members and technicians receive advanced training in accordance with a wide range of industry certifications, including:
OSHA 10 Certification
All VeleX professionals are OSHA 10 Certified, which means that they have completed the ten-hour training program as outlined in the OSHA Outreach Training Program guidelines. The program – provided by VeleX in multiple languages – is designed to promote workplace safety and health by educating course participants on relevant workplace hazards as well as their workplace safety and health rights.
OSHA 30 Certification
VeleX supervisors are OSHA 30 Certified, having completed the thirty-hour training class as part of the OSHA Outreach Training Program, including advanced training in the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards. OSHA 30 also provides an education on both employer and employee OSHA Standards.
Fiber Training
Backhaul connectivity is critical component of any wireless communication project. Therefore, Velex ensures that its technicians are fully trained to properly install and terminate fiber-based solutions.
Gravitech Certification
VeleX has partnered with Gravitech Inspectional Services, an ISO Certified organization, to build a diverse team of experts highly trained in all aspects of Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection. VeleX professionals with Gravitech Certifications have received intensive training in the areas of Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing, Radiographic Testing, Eddy Current Testing, Infrared/Thermal Testing and other areas.
Riggers Training
The VeleX riggers training provides employees with the information and training needed to safely lift equipment items to and from the top of the tower. This program adheres to OSHA requirements, as well as providing employees with the information they need to protect personnel and property from hoisting failures.
DOT Driver’s Training
VeleX spares no expense when it comes to the safety of our personnel and the public. All personnel authorized to operate VeleX commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) are trained in the industry leading Smith Driving System. This is a nationally recognized driver’s training which is used by many of the top CMV companies in the country which meets and surpasses all DOT requirements.
Global Harmonization/Safety Data Sheets
VeleX takes the time to ensure all our personnel are trained to recognize and protect themselves and the public against injury or illness from hazardous materials.
First-Aid & CPR Certification
VeleX adopts a “safety-first” approach to technical services. To that end, the company requires that each of its members are fully trained and certified in both First Aid and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
RF Awareness Certification
The VeleX RF Awareness Certification program is designed to safeguard employees against radio frequency radiation and other related hazards.  This program adheres to FCC and OSHA requirements, as well as those set by major carriers and contracting organizations across the country.
PIM Certification
The VeleX quality assurance professionals complete Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Certification to obtain the knowledge, practical skills and equipment maintenance techniques they need to expertly construct and maintain low-PIM RF infrastructures.  Our professionals are fully trained in PIM sourcing, PIM testing, antenna testing, frequencies, equipment set-up, safety, and PIM reporting.
Anritsu Certification
VeleX crew members are fully certified to use leading testing and monitoring tools from Anritsu. During the Anritsu Certification Process, VeleX field engineers and installers are taught the technical aspects of identifying, locating, documenting and resolving cable line transmission faults. The Anritsu Certification program also provides engineers, technicians, and installation crews with a variety of knowledge, practical skills, and equipment maintenance techniques for constructing and supporting low-PIM RF infrastructures.
Line Sweep Training
The VeleX Line Sweep Training curriculum focuses on radiofrequency line sweep theory, technology, and practical applications.  During these sessions, VeleX field engineers and installers are taught the technical aspects of line sweeping, from cabling to measuring results to identifying, locating, documenting, and resolving cable line transmission faults.
Hand Signal Certification
Tower projects using cranes and other hoisting equipment require additional procedures to govern safety.  VeleX therefore ensures that all necessary personal are familiar with both verbal and hand signals that enable quick communications in the field.
JMA Telecom Solutions & PPC Connector Training
VeleX staff certifications include JMA Telecom Solutions, which trains employees to work with JMA macro infrastructure, in-building wireless solutions, and outdoor small cell capacity solutions. With PPC training, VeleX technicians are required to complete PPC’s comprehensive Wireless Connector Training Certification program in order to work with the company’s connectors and accessories for telecom solutions.
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